Educating, Equipping and Empowering Our Young Leaders Of Tomorrow

Jacksonville Youth Works provides an opportunity for underpriveledged and underserved Youth to earn a High School Diploma/GED, launch a meaningful career and become a productive member of society.

Who Are We?

A 501c3 Community Economic Development Corporation

Jax Youth Works focuses on providing mentoring and job training to socially disadvantaged males and females aged 16-24 and those who not currently attending school.  This organization has a very focused target market that is very pivotal to the future of their communities and has a strong focus on combatting unemployment, which is a major issue that leads to increased crime, instability, and blight within the urban community.

How can we help you?

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Students will be provided with skills in marketable trades that will assist them in the job market such as carpentry, masonry, welding and metal fabrication, plumbing, etc.

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Our mentoring partners will take the time outside of class to provide students the guidance that they need to become upstanding, successful citizens.

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Affordable Housing

Up to 300 students will be provided with housing, which will also include a washer and dryer system, living facilities, a kitchen, etc. This will not be a dormitory environment, but will be similar to a one bedroom apartment, teaching students how to be self sufficient.


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